Cryptic Feud

For my final project in my typography class I choose to make up a completely new book and create the cover as well as the interior pages. Now, I only wrote up the synopsis for the back of the cover, but I did make up the title pages. I just used filler text for the body. Catherine Slade is just a name I made up to have as the author instead of just writing in my own or leaving "Author".


After nearly being killed in an attack, Kris finds out that there is a lot more to the world than she ever thought possible and she is part of it. It wasn't just bad luck or being at the wrong place at the wrong time, they were after her. Her savior came in the form of an animal.

Dean just happened to be in the area when he saw her. There was something different about her. He could feel it. That's when he saw them; they went right for her. He knew he should stay out of sight but he couldn't let them kill her.

Having no other choice Kris turns to Dean. Leaving behind her old life, so he can teach her to defend herself along with everything he can about who she really is. Most importantly he promises to help find the only person that can fill in the gaps, her father.


The idea behind this cover was to be mysterious and to represent the journey that Kris would be taking. Using photos I took of trees back home, I created the white silhouettes you see in the letters. I created the cover for a paperback as well as the jacket for a hardback and the imprint on the hardback.

You never really know how quickly your life can change, until the one day it happens to you.

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