Social Drinking app

Mission Statement

Our goal is to improve the social drinking lives of our target audience. By reducing the amount of time our users spend on trying to find a place to go out, they will be able to focus on having a fun night on the town with friends. Through our designated driver and delivery alcohol elements, we aim to suppress the risk of drinking and driving.


The name of our app is Open Tab. This name incorporates both the order in and out on the town features of the app, “open tab” is a common statement referring to a credit card order that stays open until you are ready to pay.
Our goal for Open Tab is to enhance the social drinking lives of young adults, both male and female ages 21–30 years old. Open Tab will offer the delivery of alcohol, a social platform for going out on the town, and help prevent drinking and driving.
Our service for delivery will be run by a service similar to Uber, providing hired drivers to pick up your order and keep you updated on the estimated time of delivery.

Design Team

Kelly DiFiglia, Li Ting, Kyra Gonzalez and Samantha Howarth as a whole share the title of creating Open Tab. We worked as a team made up of a Creative Director, an Account Director, a Visual Designer and a Content Strategist. Each one of us all contributed to the UX/UI Design.
Kelly DiFiglia: Creative Director Has a BFA in Graphic Design, with a focus on UX/UI, along with experience in photography.
Li Hui Ting: Visual Designer Has a BFA in Graphic Design with a focus in production design.
Kyra Gonzalez: Content Strategist Has a BFA in Graphic Design, an Associates in Photography along with a minor in Advertisng. With these she has a focus that is on the design for consumers as well as the imagery consistency.
Samantha Howarth: Account Director Has a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Advertising. With a focus on communicating design to the consumers.

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