Shifters Series

For my final project in my Studio One class, we were told that we could pick anything. I already knew that I was going to do a book cover(s). I just had to narrow down if I would make up a book again or just redo an already existing book series. I choose to do an already existing series. I have already read this series and really like the books, just not so much the covers. In my opinion the covers didn't seem to coincide with each other as a series.

Background on series

The Shifters Series is a paranormal book series that was written by Rachel Vincent. There are six books all telling the story of Faythe Sanders a werecat. Rachel Vincent finished this series in October of 2010. She recently started a spin off series in early 2015 that is about one of the characters introduced in the first book, Faythe's cousin Abby.


Along with recreating all six covers, I also made a sleeve for the series that claw marks laser cut out of the sides and top with the series name. And for the first book in the series I wanted others to be able to physically hold the book so along with redoing the inside TOC and Acknowledgments, I worked the first five chapters. I then printed and bound these along with blank paper to make and actual physically book one can hold.

new covers

The difference between the movies and reality? In real life, I was the monster.

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