Game of Things

“The Game of Things” is a social card game that tests how well you know your contenders. Through a series of personal and humorous questions, each player must first submit their own answer and then guess which contenders wrote the remainder of the answers. Whichever player pairs the most answers with the correct contender, wins.


As a group we wanted to eliminate some of the issues we encountered with the original game and digitize and simplify gameplay. The scoring was complicated and gameplay required one player to act as the reader, and that was the only person who guessed per round. To answer, you ripped off bits of preforated paper and wrote your answer by hand. We found that it was possible to tell which answer belonged to which person based on their handwriting. We made the game a pass and play app designed for a tablet so that the tablet and the app were the only components needed to play the game. This eliminated the waste of paper as well as the issue of the handwriting. We also got rid of the reader role and instead each player guesses which answer belongs to which player, each round. We simplified the scorekeeping and changed it to indicate which player knows you best.


Kelly DiFiglia | Kyra Gonzalez | Brianna Repella

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